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ICC provides expertise in the areas of design and execution of construction projects including site survey, earthworks, concrete, finishing and MEP works as well as infrastructure and roads. Our team and crews have proven their ability to meet the deadlines of fast track construction projects without overlooking the details or neglecting quality.
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Planning is the map that includes all the stages and elements of a construction project. Planning provides adequate time management, a detailed look on cost and manpower, an effective tool to analyze risks and procurement. At ICC, we provide clear and comprehensive planning solutions for each project leading to efficient progress strategies.
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Construction Management

Project owners are concerned about the effective management of their project including proper management of budget, cost, time, quality and construction activities. ICC hires a qualified team of engineering professionals who can manage the whole project for the owner ensuring to conduct the construction operations in a way that would save money and avoid delays.
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Building Trades are defined as the heart and soul of a construction project. They are the activities that bring the project to the functional status as per design plans. ICC’s on site crews have strong experience in the various trades required on a job site. Each specific trade has its own specialized crew. We manage our crews effectively through highly knowledgeable crew leaders and construction managers producing excellent results.
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Granite Suppliers

Saudi Arabia has some of the largest granite and marble factories in the world using the latest technologies and state of the art machinery. ICC is the official distributor and exporter of high quality natural marble and granite of several KSA factories and quarries, serving the local and international markets. ICC operations team can supply the cut stones for small, medium and large-scale projects from factory to job site.
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